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1.The Tour, which was moved from its original date in July due to the COVID-19 pandemic, ends in Paris on September 20. The next stage is a 191km ride from Le Teil to Mont Aigoual. Enditem。
2.English Premier League announces the termination of cooperation with Chinese broadcaster PP Sports.。
3."COVID-19 brought us lot of challenges, which were highlighted in the copyright negotiations. We are regretful to announce the termination with Premier League despite rounds of negotiations," read a statement.。
4.After the restart, Germany got a perfect start as Werner broke the deadlock on 51 minutes after capitalizing on Robin Gosens' square pass into the penalty area.。
5.Iran sit third, behind Iraq and Bahrain, in Group C of the 2022 FIFA World Cup Asian Zone qualification. Enditem。
6."This victory is very important to me - I've worked so hard to get this win," said the 27-year-old Kazakh.。


1.With this result, Dalian are sixth in Group A with nine points, while Henan with six points remained in last place.。
2.Rondon continued to demonstrate his prowess in the second half. In the 48th minute, the Venezuelan striker assisted Swedish winger Sam Larsson to stretch the lead for Dalian.。
3.German football can be a role model in several ways, Klein said in a recent Xinhua interview.。
4.Iran sit third, behind Iraq and Bahrain, in Group C of the 2022 FIFA World Cup Asian Zone qualification. Enditem。
5.His contract with Real Madrid runs to June 2022, but Bale has refused to rule out a move, either this summer or in January.。
6.As the match progressed, Joachim Low's men retreated with their narrow lead and kept all their men behind the ball.。


1.TCL, founded in 1981, is one of the leading consumer electronics companies in China and has expanded its business to over 160 countries and regions worldwide.。
2."Prize money and allowances have been equalled for men's and women's football, which means female players will earn the same as the men," Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) president Rogerio Caboclo said in a virtual news conference.。
3."It's top players, so if you wait for the mistake it's never going to happen," Garcia said. "If you let Pliskova breeze and take your serve, you're never going to make a return, and then it's 6-4, 6-4 and you're done in one hour."。
4.In the 65th minute, Dalian's Ke Zhao added a goal of his own and sealed the 4-0 victory.。
5."Kyle played a fantastic first set," added Djokovic. "He didn't do much wrong, he served very well and was aggressive from the back of the court. Usually his forehand is a weapon, but his backhand, especially in the first set, was very strong, very solid."。
6.Larsen is a retired Danish badminton player who won major international singles titles in the 1990s, and ranks among Denmark's badminton greats.。


1、"It was a heavy finish. It was maybe the most easy stage I ever did in a cycling race because there was no breakaway, not a high pace at all, but then the last hour was really hectic with the wind," Van Aert said.。
2、There were also second round wins for fourth seed Stefanos Tsitsipas of Greece, fifth seed Alexander Zverev of Germany and seventh seed David Goffin of Belgium.。
3、The match ended in a goalless draw, despite Botafogo's 17 shots on goal to Coritiba's seven.。
4、During his career as a shuttler, he became a gold medalist in men's singles at the Atlanta 1996 Olympic Games. He also won two All-England Open Badminton Championships in 1995 and 1996, and the European Badminton Championships in 1992, 1994 and 1996.。
5、Other clubs are expected to follow.。


PP Sports released a statement on Thursday night, claiming the termination was just a "strategic adjustment".!


  • 种事 10-24

    A product of the Ajax youth academy, Van de Beek made his first-team debut in 2015. In total, he played 175 official matches for Ajax, scoring 41 times.

  • 瞳虫 10-23

    It was a bizarre way for the Frenchman to lose the jersey which he had kept for three days after winning the stage two.

  • 挥扬 10-22

    "We have to own the questions of leadership, we have to own the questions of policy, and there's a lot to be discussed here on that in the future. It's heartbreaking," CNN quoted the owner of the Eagles of the National Football League (NFL) as saying.

  • 立刻 10-21

    In the 65th minute, Dalian's Ke Zhao added a goal of his own and sealed the 4-0 victory.

  • 会我 10-20

    But things didn't go as organisers may have expected.

  • 即一 10-19

    RIO DE JANEIRO, Sept. 2 (Xinhua) -- Uruguay international midfielder Giorgian de Arrascaeta netted a brace as reigning champions Flamengo beat Bahia 5-3 in Brazil's Serie A championship on Wednesday.

  • 一个 10-18

    "Our original partnership was mainly focused on the World Cup in China. We are thrilled that this has now expanded to be a more all-encompassing partnership across all FIBA competitions."

  • 波动 10-17

    THE HAGUE, Sept. 2 (Xinhua) -- Manchester United have signed midfielder Donny van der Beek from Ajax, both clubs announced on Wednesday.

  • 续突 10-16

    To coach in Germany's top three leagues, one must obtain a football coaching licence, and the country has a strict and selective education system, he explained: "Each year, only 24 or 25 applicants are accepted at the only education venue, the Hennes-Weisweiler Academy in Cologne."

  • 族之 10-15

    "Our development will not be redirected. It is just a strategic adjustment based on reality. We will continue to hand the best services to our fans and partners," it added. Enditem

  • 感觉 10-14

    Caboclo added that national women's team manager Pia Sundhage was informed of the decision in March.

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